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<Announcement by Marutomi Seiko Co., Ltd>

Please be informed that our Pruning Robot under development was adopted by NEDO’s Innovation Promotion Program

[Link to NEDO’s home page]

Please be informed that this topic was appeared in Hokkaido-Kensetsu-Shinbun, e-kensin.

[Read the article]PDF file

A feature article on the rehabilitation assist mechanism was placed on the journal, “Robot” No. 185, of Japan Robot Association

[Link to the journal index]


An article of HIRO III was placed on the English Newsletter Vol. XI (issued Oct.2008) of JSPS San Francisco Office.



Asahi Com. News covered HIRO III in its article, “Next-generation Robot Fair in OSAKA”.



Please be informed that Chushokigyoka-Shinbun, Small- and Medium-size Enterprises News, covered HIRO III.

[Read the article.]PDF file

Please be informed that our developing finger and upper limb rehabilitation support robot was introduced in the Japan Cabinet Office Web Journal, Highlighting Japan. (Vol. 2, No. 5, September 2008, Special Feature: Medical Technology)
You can see the moving image too.

[Read the article. ]

[Read the article. ]PDF file

Please be informed that our developing robot was covered in the following News papers;

-The Gifu Shinbun,-

-The Mid-Japan Economist Journal (Chukei-News),-

-The Yomiuri Shinbun-

-The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun.-

An article on our company was placed in the Gifu News Paper.

Please be informed that our company was interviewed for Kokusaikikaku Co., Ltd. and the article was covered in the Person and Company Corner of The International Graph Journal, November 2007.

Please be informed that our that our developing robot was cover on following News

The Yomiuri Shinbun, THE MAINICHI NEWSPAPER, The Chunichi Shinbun,
The Gifu Shinbun, The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, Fuji Sankei Business i.

Papers’ morning edition on July, 18, 2007;

-The Yomiuri Shinbun-


-The Chunichi Shinbun-

-The Gifu Shinbun,-

-The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun-

-Fuji Sankei Business i.-

Click here for more information about the Rehabilitation Robot.

---In-house inspection---

An article about our company was placed on The Gifu Shinbun.

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