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We are proud to offer high technical capability and high precision processing
“Faster, More Beautiful, More Accurate, More Carefully”
  Yasunobu Noda


 Our company was founded in 1962 as a technological group, ”Noda Iron Works”, which had a unique precision processing technique. Receiving support and request from our business partners, we enriched our factory and mechanical equipments, and in 1983 our company restarted as a full-fledged precision processing enterprise, “Marutomi Seiko Co., Ltd.”, to make the next leap forward. Our processing technology has been being applied widely in every field of specialized machine such as the printing machine, the packaging machine, and the sewing machine and so on. Business partners’ high appraisal and confidence for our processing technology are still being placed, and this has proved that our business attitude of putting weight on manufacturing fundamental point of view with the corporate motto, “Faster, More Beautiful, More Accurate, More Carefully”, is more and more important. In the day-to-day changing social situation, we will stick to this firm corporate guiding principle and make use of our own technology to respond to every demand of the present age. Never forgetting the engineer spirit that gives a challenge to new field and frontier technology, we will strive day after day for the bright future.

 Business objectives

Seeking happiness

Developing human resources


Through manufacturing

Contribute to society

Achieve self-fulfillment

Make customers happy

 Corporate Motto

Faster, More Beautiful, More Accurate, More Carefully

Let’s think of next person.

Let’s cherish customers’ trust and confidence.

Let’s complete routine common matter.

Let’s use time wisely.

 Corporate Information

Corporate Name

 Marutomi Seiko Co., Ltd.

Company History


<Head Office>
Naka Kusu-machi 130-30, Kakamigahara-city, Gifu-pref.,Japan
<Seki Factory>
Kurachi Aza-Ikuda 3147-7, Seki-city, Gifu-pref., Japan

1962 Established Noda Iron Works.

1967 Incorporated as Marutomi Iron Works Inc.

1983 Reorganized as Marutomi Seiko Co., Ltd.

1985 Completed Seki Factory in Kurachi, Seki-city.

1986 Eleven members of Gifu-pref. Pan-industry Social Event kicked off Gifu Plaza 94.

2001 Started the joint development of an arm for a research robot hand, “Gifu Hand” with Gifu University.

2002 Started the development of an On-vehicle Wooden Board Casting Equipment, being adopted by The Next Generation Waste Treatment Technology Development Business of Ministry of the Environment.

2004 Started the development of a humidity controlled dry steam generator, being adopted by The New Industry Creation Support Business of Gifu Prefecture.

2005 Started the sales development of the humidity controlled dry steam generator, being adopted by the Market Cultivation Support Business of Gifu Prefecture.

Started the development of a Rehabilitation-Assist Robot and Its Realization Technology, undertaking the Human-Assisting Robot Realization Fundamental Technology sponsored by NEDO.

2006 Gifu University HIRO was presented to the Prototype Robot Exhibition of AICHIKYUHAKU, Expo 2005 Aichi Japan, with our collaboration.

Number three assembly plant completed in Seki Factory.


Yasunobu Noda


July, 1962


 10 Million Japanese Yen

Business Contents

 Machining of precision machinery component
 Design and manufacture of special machine
 Design and manufacture of jigs

Staple Production Item

Manufacture and assembling of
specialized machine for laborsaving of printing,
several automatic packaging machines,
textile machine component.

Main Customer

Mino-Group Co., Ltd.
Hashima Co., Ltd.
Meisei Machinery Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Main Financing Bank

Ogaki kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
The Juroku Bank, Ltd.
The Gifu Shinkin Bank

Factory Scale



We set out mainly various type of specialized machine. Also our design staffs are engaged in the development of a robot arm and other several machines together with university and various companies from different industry.


Keeping harmony with society, at any time we work in a constructive way and search for advanced processing technique to contribute to the society with our technology. We keep challenging for our technology brush up looking at our step ahead, and we cultivate our proposal capability to our customers to meet their needs.


Mainly we assemble the printing machine and sewing machine. Our assembling staffs keep searching for our own assembling technique to meet several customers’ needs.



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