Dry steam generator,DSS-1

What is the dry steam generator?

It is our self-developed product. It heats up saturated steam fed by a boiler to a maximum temperature of 300℃ without pressurization, and is able to provide the dry steam from its outlet to the terminal equipment
*Dry steam denotes superheated steam.

 Power supply   AC 200V 3ph 50/60 Hz 
 Heater capacity   10kW 
 Current consumption   30A 
 Maximum regulating temperature   300℃ 
 Converted throughput equivalent   50kg/h 
 Maximum pressure of the source steam   1MPa 
 Diameter of the dry steam outlet   JIS 15A × 2 places 
 Diameter of the saturated steam inlet   JIS 25A 
 Diameter of separated drain outlet  JIS 15A 
 Diameter of balancing hole   JIS 15A 
 Equipment dimension   550(W)x730(D)x1450(H) 
 Equipment weight   about 180 kg
 Alarm function   1. Empty heating cut off device (Detection of saturated steam feed)
 2. Prevention of humidity increase 
 3. Detection of heater breaking 

Please note that the quality of pictures is not so good due to scanning.

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